We’re exploring all the ways good energy can help our work and the planet. And here in Dallas, Texas, USA, Planet Earth, we’re starting with a small step, some kindness and 454 solar panels.

If you start with yourself, it'll illuminate everything you touch.
Practice self-care without leaving the office.
Enjoy some natural light that brings health benefits for you
or solar powered spaces that make less emissions for the community.

Spreading good energy cannot be done alone.

A few of us in Dallas started a conversation on how we can rally together:*

"Renewable energy comes clean, no smoke stacks required.”

The people who fight hard to keep Texas
air clean and Texas people's lungs happy

The folks who help business
and homeowners connect with the sun

“We’re in Texas.
There’s lots of sun here, and it’d be a shame for it to go to waste.”

“We took something old and made it new again, opening like a sunflower to the sun!”

GGO Architects, the amazing team
responsible for the transformation
of our home -1808 S. Good Latimer

1808 S. Good Latimer,
the hub & home of this project

“Plenty of space
to share our good energy”

“What better reasons could we have?
Let’s do this.”

Goodwork, Made For Studio & takka, the creative minds that made this happen, all work out of 1808, & believe in doing good work for people and planet

We believe those who have good energy create good work & we want to grow our community of good humans and businesses who are changing the world.

We need help learning all the ways good energy is powering you

Did someone's smile inspire you to make someone else's day?
Did the sunshine help you do better work?
Do you feel a little better about your business knowing your space is solar powered?

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